Throughout my tenure as Mayor, I have governed as I campaigned - reaching out to residents – all residents, not just the ones who regularly contribute and asking for their input.

This month we start our third series of Town Hall Meetings. Once again, we are challenged with a significant budget shortfall – over $8 million. And once again, we need your input.

We have taken several critical steps to reduce the gap without impacting services.

We have used zero-based budgeting to find hundreds of thousands of dollars of common sense savings throughout our operations – purchasing, treasury, legal.

We have consolidated functions. We have eliminated waste. We have questioned everything we do and how we do it with the use of process mapping and performance management.

We have asked all our stakeholders – most especially our municipal unions – to offer proposals for reducing our long term health care costs – one of the major budget busters we have.

But given the severity of the economic situation – and resulting reductions in State aid – we may need to cut further in order to deliver a balanced and responsible budget.

Join the Conversation – Make Your Views Known – Come to a Town Hall Meeting

    Thursday, February 10th 7pm | Newton Cultural Center Ward 2
    Sunday, February 13th 1pm | John Ward School Ward 7
    Sunday, February 13th 2:30pm | Hyde Community Center Ward 6
    Wednesday, February 16th 7:30pm | Scandinavian Living Center Ward 3
    Thursday, February 17th 7:00 pm | Lower Falls Community Center Ward 4
    Sunday, February 27th 1pm | Oak Hill Middle School Ward 8
    Sunday, February 27th 2:30pm | Pelligrini Field House Ward 1
    Wednesday, March 2nd 6:30pm | Zervas Elementary Ward 5

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